Filler Masterbatches

These Masterbatch are used in Polypropylene weaving tapes, films and injection moulding. All basic chemicals and additives used in the FARCOM masterbatches are non hazardous and non - toxic. Most of the FARCOM masterbatches are Food grade too. The recommended dosage is 15 – 40 % with polymer by weight. Preheating of these Masterbatch will give better results.
FAR TRANS 10-25% * For Polyolefin weaving tapes, films and injection moulding.
  • Anti-fibrillation for woven sack / film stiffness addition.
  • No need to increase colour of masterbatch.
  • Effective reinforcing filler thus improves physical and mechanical properties of the end product.
  • Reduces cost.
  • Improves anti-slip property.
  • Acts as nucleating agent maintains natural clarity of polymer.
  • Anti-blocking effect.
  • An effective anti-blocking agent reduces sticking of film layers.
  • Improves heat resistance.
  • Pre-heating of FAR TRANS gives more improved results.
FAR UV 1.0-5.0% * For Polyolefin weaving tapes, films and injection moulding. in UV stability of the final product when added with any other FARCOM Masterbatches.
  • Protect the polymer against harmful UV degradation.
  • Extends shell life of processed material.
  • Superior UV protection by use of combination of UV absorber with HALS type light stablizer.
  • Excellent processability.
  • Guaranteed UV additive, 100% reliable product.
  • Compatible with printing ink.
  • Improves cloth stability against UV radiation.
  • Uniform dispersion.
  • Various grades made to protect different polymers.
  • Effective in a wide range of applications and processes.